Poetry photographs stories

Darcy has been an inspiration as a storyteller. Her life has brought her face to face with the largest sources of human suffering – war, displacement, violence, and impoverishment.  She has carried from these experiences a depth of understanding and compassion, an appreciation of the beauty that emerges from loss, and the need for stories that inspire and bring hope.

 -Joe Lambert, Founding Director, StoryCenter

  • The Americas Actually

    Every city makes me wonder about staying. Any new place and I find myself asking, “What does it cost to belong here?”

  • Trump, Fidel’s Death, Our Fathers

    After Drumpf, the urgency of fathering ourselves.

  • Marcha del Silencio

    For over 20 years, family members and allies march in silence through the streets of Montevideo every May.

  • Yellow flowers for Imelda

    As an investigator and interpreter with the Association in Search of Disappeared Children (Pro Búsqueda), I witnessed this reunion of a family separated by war.

  • Nowhere Anyhow

    A digital story about adoption, class, gender, and childhood agency.