Caged Escape

From Living in Direct Provision: 9 Stories

In 2015, after 10 years of living in the asylum system, Susan received leave to remain. As an asylum seeker, her life was on hold as she awaited a decision on her claim, cared for her small children, supported her friends, and volunteered with local and national organizations. Reflecting on the digital story she created, Susan said, “At first I didn’t know if I could talk about it (living in direct provision). There’s a lot of fear. You hear rumors –‘Don’t do this,’ ‘don’t speak out,’ ‘if you rock the boat, you’ll have trouble.’ But, you want to make a difference; you want something to change. The system is still more powerful, but you take a chance. Sometimes there isn’t a clear or happy ending, but the process brings you closer to understanding yourself, and that understanding helps you to know where to go. It brought some healing for me; it helped me move on from where I was.”