17 November, 2018: American Anthropological Association, SHA Awards Ceremony

My poems Extrajudicial Killing, San Salvador 1991; Ruta de la Malintzin; and, Is it More Ordinary to Forget or to Remember? have received first-place in the SHA Ethnographic poetry contest:


27 September 2018 Engaged Scholarship through Co-Creative Practice

Swiss Grad Net, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Representing Migration Summer Institute, Faro, Sweden, July 29-August 5th

Preliminary Program Fårö 2018, Sweden

Whose Story Is It? Ethnocineca workshop in Viena, 6 April, 2018


Thinking through Audiovisual Inquiry, the Bern University of the Arts, November 6, 2017

Three Days in Cambridge premiere July 11th, London

Ethnocineca Projektwerkstatt Presentation: Radical Forms, Engagements and Ideas: The Ethnographic in Documentary, 31 March 2017, Vienna, Austria

Co-Creative Documentary: Introduction to Digital Storytelling, Institute for Social Anthropology, University of Bern, Winter Semester, 2017

Pivotal Stories in Intercultural Contexts Digital Storytelling with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, 15-17 November 2016

Our most recent digital storytelling workshop brought together SDC people from Bhutan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Zimbabwe, and Switzerland to create in-depth stories on development work in inter-cultural contexts.


Co-Creative Documentary and the Politics of Listening – University of Houston, 18 October 2016, 4-5:30PM, CBB106

Digital storytelling can offer dynamic pathways for developing relationships of inquiry, learning, and knowledge production through dialogical collaboration across domains. As a co-creative practice, digital storytelling can render a nexus of domains–aesthetic, ethical, socio-political, institutional–more tangible and open to analysis. Attention to these encounters of ‘political listening’ (Arendt, 1958; Bickford, 1996; Dreher, 2009) might provide a framework for building and theorizing shared practices within proprietary contexts. To explore the collaborative and dialogical essence of digital storytelling, this talk will draw from a longitudinal (2007-2010) ethnography of media production with political asylum seekers and labor migrants in Ireland. Said research aimed to develop an exploratory and critical practice of inquiry that not only responded to the ethical complexities of research with refugees (Jackson, 2002), asylum seekers, and undocumented migrants, but also to create opportunities for research subjects–as emergent media practitioners and engaged scholars (Cammarota, 2008; Fine, et al., 2000)–to interpret, analyze, document, and publically screen their depictions of Ireland.


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