Visual anthropologist, filmmaker, poet

Social documentary practice, ethnographic poetry, co-creative storytelling

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“Not the Apocalypse” – Interview with the Treibhaus podcast team

In this interview with Alexandra Baumgartner, I discuss the project of circumventing white settler time, the (im)possibilities of hope, and what the poetry of Natalie Diaz has taught me about the role of grief and its connection to our ability to “imagine otherwise,” among other things. My intervention begins at minute 23.

Smartphone Anthropology, December 9, 2020 – University of Fribourg

What does anthropology sound like: Poetry, October 27, 2020 – Society for Cultural Anthropology Anthropod podcast interview

Cory-Alice André-Johnson, contributing editor for the Society for Cultural Anthropology’s podcast Anthropod interviewed me about ethnographic poetry. Drawing from John Berger, Ocean Vuong, and Nathalie Diaz, I discuss my idea of poetry as a form of accompaniment for the storyteller/survivor/witness. In response to Cory-Alice’s questions about style and method, I focus on three of my…